COVID-19 testing is available

Ethan Berk, Reporter

AS OF APRIL 2, there are 21 testing facilities for the COVID-19 virus. A list of the available testing facilities in Utah are located in the following cities: Sandy, Tremonton, Burley, Cedar City, Murray, Ephraim, Fillmore, Panguitch, Heber, Layton, Lehi, Hyde Park, North Ogden, Park City, St. George, Salt Lake City, Richfield, Riverton, Springville, Taylorsville, And Tooele. 

If you do suspect yourself or someone close to you of having COVID-19, you should call the COVID-19 hotline at (844) 442-5224. Calling ahead allows a doctor to assess your symptoms over the phone and determine whether or not you should be tested for COVID-19. Calling ahead can also keep you from taking up room in the hospital that may be needed for a person who has a more severe case of COVID-19 or other condition. 

The virus has a 1-14 day incubation period. Tests are conducted by deeply swabbing the nose or throat, which can be uncomfortable or even painful. The samples are then sent to an off-site facility, and the results can take a few days to return.

With all of this in mind, you should still stay as clean as possible and make sure you have ample amounts of supplies for the pending quarantine. As a note, keep in mind that you can only contract the disease from someone who has it. The disease is not air or water-born at proper social distances, so be sure to go out every once and a while for some fresh air and sun. Just keep a safe distance from others, as they may be infected and not know it, yet. Taking these precautions are essential to being safe and healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic.