Diversion is a good spot to eat


Breawna Howell

THERE are many eateries in Utah, and a place called Diversion is one of them. It is located at 535 North and 300 West in Salt Lake City. Diversion has a 4.8 star rating online and has 79 reviews. One of the reviews written by Jessica Martin said, “I LOVE this place! They have board games and the BEST customer service! Definitely has become one of my favorites and the food is worth every penny…All around a great choice to go to.”

The area around Diversion was nice, a new library is being built nearby and it is next to Quench It, a soda place. 

Diversion also offers UberEats if you don’t want to drive over there. Diversion is open every day from 11 am to 10 pm, They also do catering, delivery, and take out

The first impression I had was the place is small, but it was very nice inside. They had paintings and some questions  on the walls that made you think about life and stuff you like in life like. Some examples of those questions are:

 “If you could do something dangerous, just one time with no risk, what would it be?” “ What is your good luck charm?” “ What is the last thing that made you laugh?” and many more. They also had three TVs and they played music.

Diversion was also very clean and organized and the staff was helpful and kind. The staff would speak to you with respect and answered questions if you had any, and they were overall attentive to customers. 

When we walked in, we went to the counter and they asked if we had been there before. We hadn’t, so the staff told us where some things were. When we ordered food, they explained what some of the foods are and what is in it and how they organize it on the plate. After ordering, if you are staying there to eat you get a number and sit down. Then, they bring the food to you when it’s ready. There were just a few people at first, but more showed up later. When we were eating, the staff checked on everyone making sure everyone was okay.

They have a big menu with many foods, they have a build-your-own pizza which is what I ordered. You are able to pick three toppings on the pizza, with additional toppings costing a little extra. There are two different sizes of pizza you can chose. The pizza I had was soggy, but still pretty good. The wait was not that long, either, with the maximum being ten minutes.

They also have different types of burgers which is what my friend go. The burger was a little oily, as it dripped oil when she turned it sideways. But, like the pizza, it was still good to eat. They also offered small desserts such as cookies and brownies. 

They have a bar for the adults that go to Diversion and want to have something to drink. They also had everything organized with a bunch of sauces and they had chocolate mints for you to take if you liked. They also have some board games and other things you can play. They have tables of four and have a long booth for some tables. Overall, my friend and I enjoyed our experience at Diversion.