The Grudge returns in 2020

The Grudge returns in 2020

Naomy Romero, Reporter

THE NEW Grudge movie will be released in January 2020. The trailer starts off with a police officer at the doorway of a strange house. The police officer enters the house and finds a lady sobbing in the kitchen. The crying lady looks creepy; one can tell that something is off. The lady asks to be fed and says, “they always used to feed me.” The suspenseful trailer certainly is intriguing and does an excellent job at reeling in viewers. 

The police officer suspects that the crying lady is not home alone, and he is soon proven right. The lady grabs the officer’s hands and asks “will you help me” aggressively. The officer begins to panic and asks the lady to stay back, and she does. The officers tries to leave, but the lady panics and yells, “No! No! No! Don’t leave me!”

As the officer walked towards the front door, the officer sees a TV turned on and someone sitting in a chair in front of it. The officer starts walking closer to the chair to see who it is, and it is the lady’s dead husband whose body is rotting with flies all over it.

After the officer sees the rotting body, the officer panics and contemplates what to do. The sobbing lady begins to laugh after the officer sees her dead husband. The lady’s laugh is loud, slow, and creepy. The trailer then begins to show small random clips of the movie, and in one of them is the Grudge, standing in the middle of the screen with her hair covering her whole face. 

There were a few more disturbing scenes in this trailer. One scene shows what looked like a lady getting drowned in a sink. Another scene shows a man in a shower who hears a strange noise and is therefore afraid of what he will see. The man does not see anything and starts to wash his hair; but, out of nowhere, hands come out to grab him. 

Just from the trailer, the obvious sense is that this movie is terrifying and thrilling. One can only imagine how the rest of the movie will play out. The movie is set to come out on January 3, 2020, which falls on a Friday. It might be an excellent movie to go and watch with friends!