Everybody’s Everything is the goodbye fans have been waiting for

Whitnie Larsen, Reporter

LIL PEEP’S newest album, Everybody’s Everything, really brought the singer/songwriter straight out of the grave. Gustav Åhr is well-known for his online persona, Lil Peep. Many people call Lil Peep the, “King of Emo-Rap,” which is how the new genre of music was created. Åhr died on November 15th, 2017 at the age of twenty-one due to a drug overdose. Since then, his underground and unreleased music have been streamed by millions.

The announcement that made all of his fans jump with excitement was that the new album would be followed by a documentary film coming out on the two year anniversary of his death. This was the final goodbye many fans had waited for. The film was only aired in certain states/areas. 

However, the album is free to listen to on Soundcloud and Youtube. This album features 19 old songs that were not added into albums and other songs that Lil Peep did not put out onto the Internet. One of his older songs, “Keep My Coo,” was written when the rapper was only sixteen; however, he never released the song. 

This album has no specific theme or message behind it. However, before Lil Peep had passed away, he had an instagram caption saying, “I just want to be everybody’s everything.” This was a post that Åhr had posted before he passed away. Many fans believe that the album was named after this post as a final goodbye to his fans.

This album features many of Åhr’s acquaintances, including Gab3, Rich the Kid, Era, and ilovemakonnen. Gustav had also frequently collabed with his “brother” who is known as Lil Tracy. On this album, five different songs that the pair worked on together were put out. 

Based on the documentary, Åhr became famous overnight. Åhr was going through a rough time. He was in a rough patch with his parents who were getting a divorce. To get through his struggles, he started rapping. Åhr wrote and sang these songs that he then shared on the music streaming site Soundcloud

Åhr was a hardworking individual, and he worked to get his name to where it is now. Lil Peep is nothing but extraordinary, he was and still is a special human being. Many of his friends and family say that he was quite a special human to be around, and they could tell that there was something special and unique about him.

This album made me feel many things and disappointment was not one. Lil Peep’s words are genuinely something different from the current “mumble rap” music that many listen to. Lil Peep’s music was nothing but genuine. He didn’t rap about all the money he had; he rapped about how he felt. Lil Peep’s music is inspiring to many around the globe. His music will be celebrated for years to come.