Tips on how to earn and save money


Reyna saved for a new sweatshirt to wear in 2020.

Aizza Beltran, Reporter

A NEW YEAR is in full swing and there are many goals people want to achieve as part of their ‘new year, new me’ mentality. A popular goal is to save and earn more money. Finances are a major concern for many people, especially Lancers. Many Lancers work jobs and keep them after graduating high school in order to help support themselves and family. 

Saving money is a priority for many Lancers. In case of emergencies and unexpected events, it is always best to have saved-up money on hand. Many Lancers have tips on saving money. 

Some students automatically set aside a certain amount of money from each paycheck that they get. “There’s this one thing that I use. It’s like every $5 you get, you save it, and at the end of the year you have a bunch of money, basically,” Zoie McKnight (9) said. Another Lancer also agreed, “It’s good to keep $5 every time you get money. I also suggest going around your house for loose change and saving it up,” Reyna Mata (9) said. 

Saving money also means budgeting appropriately. Many students spend money during lunch time when they go to the surrounding restaurants. However, this can quickly drain one’s money. Instead of eating outside, one can buy a cheaper meal at school or bring something from home. 

In addition to having an emergency fund, saving money can allow one to spend on personal items. “I saved a lot of money, and it came with its advantages. This year I bought myself airpods and the iPhone 11 Pro. Saving money is good; it’s worth it,” Mauricio Villa (12) said. 

In order to save money, one needs to have a money source, which often entails a job. Unfortunately, getting a job while in high school can be extremely difficult because of homework, school activities, family obligations, and personal issues. Trying to balance a job on top of all other obligations and responsibilities one has can be very difficult, distracting, and stressful. To circumvent this obstacle, it might be best to get a job over the summer when school is out of session. While some students can afford to only work over the summer, many other Lancers need a year-round job. It is then best to look for jobs that are flexible and manageable with school. The career center is an excellent place to begin one’s job search. Searching for jobs online or asking around can be helpful, as well. 

Besides money, having a job can be an excellent stepping stone into adulthood and independence. Learning how to support oneself while still managing several other responsibilities is part of being an adult; therefore, having a job while in high school can be a good thing for many reasons other than the money it gives students. 

Overall, there are many ways Lancers can save and earn money. It is important to ask others for important tips they may have about maintaining this money-based goal in 2020.