Students begin setting 2020 academic goals


Angelica plans to challenge herself academically in 2020.

Leyla Ilyazova, Reporter

EACH YEAR, as a new semester begins, Lancers have a chance to refresh themselves and their academic expectations. Starting off 2020 with strong resolutions will make an easier year and help one stay focused in school. 

“I want to transition over to more honors and AP classes, maybe also try waking up earlier,” Angelica Vasquez (12) said. It is a common goal among high school students to take more ambitious and challenging classes. Teenagers can often times get the impression that if one is not taking demanding classes and is barely staying caught up, one is not doing enough. Lancers should devote some time to creating realistic goals for themselves that will in return cause them to see improvements in their academics. 

“I just want to start making sure I’m sticking to the things I say I’m committed to,” Tivinia Johansson (10) said. It is easy to be eager about organizations and clubs at the start of the year only to have one’s attendance in those clubs drop as the year goes along. When it comes to extracurriculars, it is important one remains honest with themselves and ask themselves how much time they will be able to devote to the clubs they are signed up for.  

Extracurricular clubs are important for many students. Participating in afterschool activities can increase a student’s connection to their school and peers, as well as help with their GPA. According to, “students who participate in school activities are three times more likely to have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.” 

Many Lancers recognize the benefits of being involved in extracurricular activities. “Being in cross country helped me be more aware of my grades and keep up my GPA,” Aaron Villanea (10) said. Villanea now has a 3.8 GPA, while maintaining honors classes and a couple of school clubs. 

“I’m in several college classes and I would definitely recommend it,” Kirstin Henry (12) said. Students like Henry know the type of classes and GPA required to get into a good college. “I want to get in the habit of studying more, just figuring out what works for me the best. It’ll be useful for when I’m in college,” Henry said. 

While some Lancers are choosing to focus on extracurricular clubs, classes, and/or GPA, other Lancers are prioritizing understanding their peers and teachers. For international students, learning English is important. “I want to learn more English,” Sahra Dirye (10) said. Learning a language can be tremendously difficult, especially as one has to learn grammar, spelling, writing, reading, and speaking. However, by establishing a goal and setting aside time to work on it, chances of one learning a new language are increased. 

Lancers may be looking at 2020 as their year for renewal and opportunity. For many, it is a time to determine and assess what they want to happen in this new decade. Whether one is a teacher or parent, freshman or senior, January comes with an opportunity to set a foundation for a positive year. For seniors, the new year will bring them closer to the end of their high school years, and for other students, 2020 will bring them closer to adulthood. Lancers should work toward making 2020 a healthy, productive, and rewarding year!