teachers ready for a break, too


Ms. Smith can’t wait for a change of scenery–winter break will help a lot.

Macaela Williams, Reporter

IT IS FINALLY winter! Some things to be excited about and plan for are winter break, winter sports, hot cocoa, sleeping in, and just lounging around the house all day. While it’s easy to focus on how students plan on spending their breaks, many don’t realize that their teachers will be enjoying the break, too.

Ms. Smith will be traveling to Idaho, where she’s from. She travels to Idaho quite frequently for the holidays. “I can hike, ride my bike, and drink great coffee,” Ms. Smith said. “I listen to music in different cafes and visit my cousin.”

Ms. Smith also talked about how this Christmas break won’t be any different from any other break because whenever she gets the chance, she goes back up to Idaho.

“Being a teacher is great because we get extra time off compared to other jobs that I have had,” Ms. Smith said.

“I am looking forward to spending time with my family and having a break from work,” said Ms. Smith.

“I travel a ton. I usually try to go to new places when I get vacation time. Last summer, I went to Spain,” Ms. Smith said.

Ms. Clark will be going to Nashville, Tennessee this winter break for a few days. Part of the reason she is going is because of a concert being put on by Amy Grant, as well as a Vince Gill Christmas concert she wants to go to.

Ms. Clark went on to explain about how she’s mostly looking forward to the Christmas concert because she bought the tickets last April and it’s been on her bucket list for quite a while now.

“This break will be different because I’ve never been to Nashville, but it’s also in a way the same because I always love to travel,” Ms. Clark said.

“It’s nice to have a few weeks off to enjoy the holiday,” Ms. Clark said. “Just this year I’ve been to Disneyland, Arizona, and on a trip to visit my cousin in California, and New York,” Ms. Clark said.

Mr. Staraces is from New York. Therefore, his holiday plans are simply to go back to New York and spend quality time with family.  When he is in New York he likes to go to Adirondack Mountain, where he can go skiing, hiking and snowboarding. He also says just going to Saratoga is fun because of the restaurants and how nice it is.

Mr. Staraces said that the thing he is most looking forward to is going back for family and seeing them after four months.

Mr. Staraces said that he usually travels a lot for holidays and breaks, but he also does work prep for the coming weeks for when we get back to school.

Mr. Staraces explained it’s different this year because he is going to go see his family for the holidays.

Each teacher expressed how being a teacher and having about a two-week break is great, and none of them even mentioned anything about grading homework, surprisingly.