GHS closed campus status not enforced

Adrian Solorzano, Reporter

GRANGER is a closed campus, but not many students know that. Students have come to the realization that they have the opportunity to leave the campus during lunch. However, many students don’t know is that Granger High School is a closed campus. Many don’t realize this, though, because it is not very heavily enforced. Lancers such as Jorge Bassoco (11) weren’t aware of the closed campus policy.

 “I didn’t know that Granger is closed campus. I thought it was an open campus, you usually see a lot of people leaving during lunch,” Bassoco said. There are many students that believe that Granger is an open campus. When a student leaves the campus, they are obligated to take care of themselves. 

The school is a safe place for many high school students. There are a lot of things students may face when they leave the campus. “When a student leaves the campus they are facing fights, drug use, and also tobacco use. We as officers are short staffed, we only have a couple of officers for 3000 plus students,” Officer Van Scoy said.

Our officers try their best to keep everything under control, but when we have students leaving and staying on campus it gets increasingly difficult to keep track what’s happening in the area. Most of the officers recommend that students stay on campus during school hours, because if anything happens to you, they can respond faster to the situation if you are on campus.

Granger is labeled as a closed campus, but the administration and officers don’t heavily enforce this policy. Many students have the opportunity to leave campus. “It’s like an oxymoron, a figure of speech. We can’t be a closed campus if we don’t have fences around our school. The only schools I know that are closed campus are elementary schools if you think about it, I haven’t seen any highschools that are a closed campus, they are just labeled like that,” Ms Jackson said.

The bottom line is that while Granger is technically a closed campus, many students will continue to leave during lunchtime. Administrators and officers recommend that students stay on campus or close by, though, for their own safety.