Students should get involved in school activities

Breawna Howell, Reporter

THERE are many events that happen at Granger, but some events are specifically for freshmen students. For example, there has already been a movie night for freshmen. There is also something else being planned for freshmen for the end of the quarter. 

There were two movies that played on the 3rd of October, Spider-Man Far From Home and Glass. There were many snacks available like chocolate, candy, and tons of popcorn. The most popular movie was Spider-Man. There were more than fifty students that went to the movie, and around twenty students that went to the movie Glass

Students should thank Mr. Demoux, Granger’s freshman advocate, for the movie night. He set the whole thing up, bought all the candy, and made posters and permission papers. He planned the whole night and went out of his way to make freshmen feel welcomed and like part of the Granger community.

Teachers want freshmen to know that they are now Lancers and they belong here at Granger. As a freshman, the first day was a bit difficult if students didn’t know where they were going, but after that it was easy. Most freshmen probably didn’t feel welcomed, but really they are. Freshmen will make friends and teachers will help them out if needed. 

Freshmen have Freshman Success classes, so if students start to feel like they are falling behind, they have that class time to catch up on work. In Freshmen Success, students set goals and plan them out every week. Freshmen are also learning what success means to them. Freshmen in that class create a timeline about what happened in the past, the present, and what they want to happen in the future.

To help Granger freshmen get started in high school, those students must have Freshman Success to keep up on work and missing assignments. Granger students also need to pass their classes so that they can have good grades and get their credits. 

Most sophomores, juniors, and seniors think that freshman can be immature, but not all of them are. Freshmen should try to prove to the upperclassmen that they are capable of being mature. Freshmen should also participate in school activities, get involved in school and sports, and have school spirit. 

Students should try their hardest to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. Students shouldn’t worry about what’s on social media, but should focus on school and what really matters in life. High school is where it really counts, and where students prepare to be on their own. 

School won’t always be easy, but students should still try their hardest to finish what needs to be done to achieve the goals they want to accomplish. Goals without a plan are just wishes.

Students should take their time with life and make goals that could be accomplished. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, you can plan out your own life and what you want to achieve. Granger is not just a school, it’s a family and all Lancers will always be welcome.