Several teachers at Granger High are also OG(HS) Lancers


Ms. Green and Mr. Burton are GHS graduates from the 80's and 90's

Jessica Francisco, Reporter

HERE AT Granger High School, we have several teachers that graduated from and are alumni of Granger High School. All of them had different homecoming experiences than what students experience now.

One of those teachers would be Kenton Burton (‘83). He graduated from Granger in 1983. He is now teaching 11th grade social studies classes at Granger. “When I attended Granger as I remember I did not go to the assembly, but there was a big parade going through Lancer Way which I did go to,” Burton said. “It was really fun that day seeing everyone celebrating and having fun.” However, Mr.Burton did not experience the homecoming dance in his high school years.“ I didn’t go to any dances in my high school years. I was too shy to ask anyone to be my date to Homecoming” Burton said. 

For football game,s Kearns High School was Granger’s rival. Mr.Burton did not play football, but he was one of the managers in charge of the team. “Throughout the years of Granger it has been remodeled and rebuilt to this school we attend today, which gives us more opportunities,” Burton said. We asked Mr.Burton if he thought students should experience Homecoming at least once during high school, and he said that “they should definitely consider it.”

Another excellent teacher alumni is Nicole Robinson, who now teaches 12th grade history. Robinson went to Granger for two years, then she moved to Hunter High School. While she attended Granger, she did not go to homecoming or any dances, but she did go to home football games that Granger had. “Students should experience Homecoming at least once throughout high school. It is like an American tradition,” Ms. Robinson said. Many alumni teachers that graduated from Granger are now teaching at Granger. “It is really nice to see former students come back to their old high school and see students experience the same thing we experienced,” Robinson said. 

We also have an awesome English teacher that attended Granger and experienced all the dances, games, festivals, and car shows that the school had. Candice Green’s experiences at homecoming were incredible for her. She loved going to homecoming with her friends and her date. When Green was in high school, she got nominated for homecoming princess and she had an amazing time. 

Back then, in order to attend homecoming, you needed to have a date. It was not mandatory, but if you did not have a date people would not like going alone. Ms.Green said that students rarely went alone– everyone had a date. “I think that was really fun because people actually asked others to be their date, and it was fun seeing girls getting asked by the boys,” Ms. Green said. 

In Ms.Green’s day, homecoming nominations for queen, king, princess, or prince were a huge thing. You had to do a video on why you wanted to be nominated, and the competition was big. Everyone had to vote in their classes on who they wanted nominated. Homecoming this year was really different from the ones of our alumni teachers attended. 

At this homecoming and others in previous years, we didn’t need a date we could go in groups of friends and still have so much fun. Many people still asked people, but those who did not get asked went with their siblings or friends. ”Students should definitely go to homecoming, especially for their senior year and have a great time,“ Ms.Green said. Each alumni teacher we asked told us Lancers to take homecoming into consideration to go at least one year or all four years in high school and have a good time.