Improvements are happening in weight-training class


Christopher Lopez lifts while Züng Thāng spots him for safety.

Leilani Tima, Reporter

There have been multiple things going on in Coach Morgan’s weight-training class, and one of them is the improvement happening with the fitness and performance of his students. Weight-training has helped the majority of his students relax and reduce their stress levels. “This class has been helpful for me because it’s stress relieving” Paul Eicher (11) said.

Eicher explained how weight-training has helped him so much when it comes to his emotional and mental health. In addition, the class is sincerely entertaining. “Yeah, it’s honestly fun, especially if you have friends there,” Ryan Stone (12) said. This class has helped many students become more positive and happy.

When students first took the weight-training class, there was an array of reactions. Some were nervous; some were scared; some felt that it was going to be a very challenging class. “I was feeling a little scared because I’m not used to lifting heavy weights,” Emyni Tupou (10) said. Although Tupou felt that way at first, she has really improved in the class. Tupou explained how her weights have been increasing every class; she feels like she has improved a lot.

Tupou isn’t alone. A lot of other students feel as if they’ve progressed in Coach Morgan’s class. “I can see changes in myself because of Coach Morgan,” Gerareo Garcia (12) said. Many students feel that they upgraded their strength because of Coach Morgan. “I feel like he’s pretty good at explaining stuff. He’ll show us how to do the workout. If we have questions, he’s open to answering them,” Stone said.

Lancers in weightlifting are not the only ones who have noticed these big improvements. Coach Morgan sees them, as well. “Without a doubt, my students have improved from first quarter to second quarter,” Coach Morgan said. Morgan has always taught Lancers everything there is to know about weightlifting, and his students appreciate him as a weightlifting and fitness teacher. “It’s an enjoyable class, and Coach Morgan does a terrific job at explaining technique,” Garcia said.

Students in his class have learned everything they need to know about weightlifting. “I feel like we’ve learned a lot of information in his class,” Stone said. Although most Lancers agree that this is a beneficial class, there are others who feel that Morgan over-teaches the workouts. “I mean he’s good at what he teaches, but he does sometimes over-teach a concept,” Eicher said. Additionally, there are some students who feel that the female and male workouts are not equal enough. “I feel like it is kind of annoying because he always has girls tone, claiming that ‘they don’t muscle…they tone’, Stone said. However, Lancers still feel that Morgan is a fantastic and influential physical-education teacher.

Students who have taken his class definitely recommend that their peers try it out, too. “I want to keep increasing my intensity level,” Garcia said. Because of Morgan’s teachings and techniques, Lancers have learned a lot and have built plenty of strength and motivation to keep improving their health.