For younger kids, sports are all fun and games

Afatia Tiatia, Reporter

Everyone has a memory from when they were little about being athletic in all types of sports—whether they played the unpopular sports or sports that everyone watches.

“As a child, I played basketball. It was one of my favorite sports to play,” Gwenda Loloma (‘18) said. Even when playing a sport as a child, kids still go through training as they would in any kind of sport.

“We had to train every day after school until six o’clock and we’d be worn out,” Loloma said. “As an athlete, our coaches wanted to make sure that we were prepared so we wouldn’t be injuring ourselves. Our coaches had instructed us to shower in cold water so that our muscles wouldn’t hurt the next day when we came to practice,” Loloma said.

“Playing sports is one of my favorite things to do,” Waylijah Vaoga (‘18) said. Sometimes in life, playing sports can help relieve stress. Playing sports is also a way to make new friends.

Mireta Auseuga (‘18) is a Pacific Islander who enjoys playing sports. “Sports is one of the things. I would never turn down to play, even if I cannot play the sports well, it never stops my fun,” Auseuga said. When playing as a child, it’s always just fun and games. “Playing sports at a young age was just a fun thing to do,” Auseuga said.

During sports seasons and competitions, one thing that really matters is maintaining health. “As I was growing up, my family’s main focus, for not only me but also for my siblings, was to keep us healthy,” Auseuga said.

Doris Ah-Ching (‘18) loves to play sports. “I love playing sports. It’s really fun to just get out there and play,” Ah-Ching said. “Playing sports is something I do to keep me busy throughout the day instead of being on my phone all day long,” Ah-Ching said.

Playing sports can mean focusing on one thing, no matter what it is going to be about. But, they can also be fun. Sports aren’t always something that has to be competitive. “Sometimes people always think that I am only playing to be competitive, but I sometimes like to play just for fun,” Kerry Batlok (‘18) said. He is one of Granger’s funniest students. “As a little kid I would always get called the worst player out of us all,” Batlok said. Sometimes people are unfair and pick the good players first and leave the ones who can’t play very well last. “Whenever I would play, we would always choose teams and whoever were the captains would never want to choose me. I would always get chosen last, which was a good thing,” Batlok said.