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Coaches and players ready for new region

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Coaches and players ready for new region


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GRANGER’S sports teams will be competing in a new region in the upcoming year, and coaches and players alike are excited. The new region consists of Kearns, Hunter, Cyprus, and Hillcrest. The coaches had different opinions on the team they thought would cause Granger the most trouble.

“Cyprus will definitely be the toughest team. They have a young team who are already competitive, so they will be the one to beat,” Mr. Jaramillo, baseball head coach, said.

Others believed that Hillcrest was the team they’d struggle against.

“Hillcrest will definitely be the most challenging. They might be the sole reason why we won’t take first in region,” Ms. Lago, drill head coach, said.

Of course, the coaches were not the only ones who had opinions about the new region. A couple players have expectations for their teams.

“The new region seems easier, hopefully we don’t take as many Losses. But, for sure, the team we want to beat is Hunter,” Jorge Gonzalez (11), a starter for Granger’s soccer team varsity, said.

“The new region is rival-heavy and will be more exciting, and as far as the team goes, I expect that we can take region, but the goal is to take state,” Brendan Blank (11) a varsity player on the basketball team, said.

Coaches are also happy with the easier travel the new region provides. According to Coach Jeffries, “It costs more to go and play teams such as Syracuse and Davis, who are way out there, and with this new region, it cuts costs and the new teams are like rivals, so it may bring more fun.”

Coach Bewar also said the new region is better for travel. “It is much closer and more people will show up to watch games because people know the schools we are playing.”

Of course, new region means new competition and a fresh start for many teams to complete their dreams. This will affect the coaches’ expectations.

“We are one of the top two teams in the region with the amount of young talent we have being exposed to varsity play, but the teams in this new region are very similar, so it is going to be a tough competition, but I believe we can take region,” Mr. Bewar, boys head soccer coach, said.

“Every game should be close and competitive because there are no powerhouses in this new region. The new region should be able to provide a better chance for all the teams to do something special,” Mr. Okeson, girls soccer head coach, said.

Mr. Sonada, boys and girls head tennis coach, believes his teams should be the best, and he’s worried that his players won’t get the competitive experience that they need. “There is no excuse for us not to do well,” Sonada said. “This new region is good for our players, but it will not be enough to prepare us for the competition at state.”

As this school year comes to a close, teams are ready for the new region.

“We want to be region champs because we came really close this season. The new region is not as hard, but it will be competitive for sure. Our team is ready for state,” Hector Magallanes (11), a football captain, said.

With so much excitement and high expectations for each team, Granger could be the powerhouse of the region. Sports fans will have to wait and see.

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Coaches and players ready for new region