Drill has success at their first competition

Taylor Wolfley, Sports Editor

The Granger Excaliburs were very excited during the week leading up to the first competition of the season. The lady Lancers arrived to Copperhills High School bright and early with only on thing on their mind, victory.

First up was Hip-Hop, one of the fan favorite dances. The Excaliburs were dancing their hearts out keeping that first place trophy in their minds. Next up was Military, the category that involves intense dancing and insane stunts.

After the first two categories were over, there was an one hour shopping and lunch break. Judges had time to review the previous dances and compare notes with other judges. The friends and families also had time to stretch their legs and go out for lunch or shop around the school where local businesses had small booths set up.

Dance was nest up on the schedule, a favorite category for some of our Lady Lancers. As all the other schools preformed their routines, the Granger fan section was growing impatient, and wanted to see our Excaliburs. It was finally Granger’s time to take the floor and show them what they were made of.

The final category of the competition was Kick, where every routine will have amazing kick lines and beautiful dancing. Granger was definitely  a  fan favorite, getting one of the loudest ovations in the category.

After the final school preformed, it was time for the Drill Down. A Drill Down consists of all the schools in their population classification line up on the dance floor and complete commands told to them. 3A and 4A went first, then it was time for 5A to compete.

Granger had the top two placing spots in the Drill Down, which showed the other schools not to mess with G-House. After the Drill Down, the judges still needed some time to decide the winner, so all the schools took the floor and danced to whatever song was blasting though the gymnasium.

After about a fifteen minute dance break, the judges were ready to announce the winners of the competition. Granger took 2nd in Hip-Hop, 3rd in kick, 5th in dance, and 6th in military. All in all, the Granger Excaliburs had an amazing first competition, and have a bright season ahead of them.