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DrillSat, Jan 11 Corner Canyon4th place in HipHop
Corner Canyon4th place in HipHop
Wrestling VarsityWed, Jan 08 Taylorsville53-23W
Basketball Boys SophFri, Jan 03 Farmington48-90L
Basketball Girls VarsityFri, Dec 13 Highland38-61L
Basketball Boys VarsityFri, Dec 13 West48-52L
Wrestling VarsityWed, Dec 11 Summit Academy47-34W
Summit Academy47-34W
Basketball Boys VarsityTue, Dec 10 Jordan49-84L
Basketball Girls VarsityTue, Dec 10 Ben Lomond64-32W
Ben Lomond64-32W
Basketball Boys VarsityFri, Dec 06 Mountain Ridge58-71L
Mountain Ridge58-71L
Basketball Girls VarsityFri, Dec 06 Ogden 37-47L
Ogden 37-47L
Wrestling VarsityThu, Dec 05 Grantsville24-56L
Basketball Boys VarsityWed, Dec 04 Cedar City 65-61W
Cedar City 65-61W
Basketball Boys VarsityTue, Dec 03 Ben Lomond58-55W
Ben Lomond58-55W
Basketball Girls VarsityTue, Dec 03 Alta 44-62L
Alta 44-62L
Basketball Girls VarsityTue, Nov 26 Davis37-63L
Wrestling VarsityTue, Nov 26 Clearfield 51-30W
Clearfield 51-30W
Wrestling VarsityTue, Nov 26 Northridge43-35W
Wrestling VarsityTue, Nov 26 Clearfield/Northridge2nd Place
Clearfield/Northridge2nd Place
Football VarsityWed, Oct 16 West 13-36L
West 13-36L
Football VarsityFri, Oct 11 West Jordan0-33L
West Jordan0-33L
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