Lilyana Rush’s student direction is a hit in theatre dept.

Isabella Sanchez, Reporter

THEATRE HAS come such a long way in the past few years. It has been used for entertainment, but also now it is a class of which children at many schools can attend.  For Lilyana Rush (11), theatre is so much more than a class.“I like how it gives you a space to have family and friends here at school,” Rush said. Rush is currently taking theatre at Granger High and she enjoys being apart of the theatre family. 

Theatre has influenced things like style and language. Theatre has also opened doors for people to express their true selves. Rush also likes theatre because she can find new ways to handle what goes on in real life. She student directed “Oliver” the musical. Rush has not been in any plays recently, but she loves theatre. “The people are insane, but that’s why you love them,” Rush said. In theatre people create a sort of safe space for one to be themselves. 

One thing Rush wishes that was different when it comes to theatre is the stereotype people have of kids in theatre. “I wish there wasn’t that stereotype of the theatre kid,” Rush said. To Rush, there’s more unseen qualities to the theatre kids.

One of Rush’s friends, Ja’reese Barber (11) has taken theatre and is in the theatre club. Barber has been friends with Rush since freshman year when they met. Barber also likes theatre. One of the effects of theatre is it connects participants with various different types of people. Theatre also makes people more aware of certain issues. For Barber, theatre helps her with more than one might think. “It makes me more of a confident person,” Barber said. Barber has also noticed the effect that theatre has on Rush. “Lily talks to someone as if they are friends,” Barber said. 

Also like Barber, Rush has gained more confidence in real life and on stage. says “your accomplishments in theatre show that you can handle a variety of jobs, pressures, difficulties, and responsibilities.” It gives students a boost in a variety of things to help a kid in everyday life. Ms. Timpson, the theatre teacher, has also noticed Rush’s attitude in theatre. “Lily is dedicated, on time, thoughtful, and she asks good questions,” Ms. Timpson said. Ms. Timpson says that Rush is very dedicated in the theatre class. 

Rush is also a good listener, she listens to her peers and lets them know that she is listening to them. “As a director in Oliver, she was phenomenal,” Ms. Timpson said. She also says that Rush is a positive and happy person altogether. “Her positivity and laugh is infectious,” Ms. Timpson said. Theatre has had a positive effect on Rush, and her peers and teachers can even see it. She is trusting in Ms. Timpson and in her peers. Rush is always ready for anything, even if that means trying something new.