Seniors win spirit bowl in close contest


Granger High's cheerleaders prepare for their aerial stunts at the homecoming spirit assembly.

Leila Puentes, Reporter

THE SCHOOL spirit during the homecoming assembly was truly amazing and spectacular. I felt this way because of how the other students got into the assembly, especially roll call. It is inspirational because people can feel the excitement, and some people appreciate the dance routines and SBO’s. This is all felt because of the school spirit.

The roll call was truly exciting and amazing because Mr. Hopkins, a former Granger teacher, came back to do the roll call like he used to at many previous spirit assemblies in years past. 

When he did roll call, everyone was very hyped up and excited to see Mr. Hopkins again. Everyone was yelling the phrases that Mr. Hopkins told us to say and see which class was the loudest so that they could win spirit points. Spirit points were awarded to see each grade as they displayed school spirit throughout the week and assembly. The Seniors did not win this year surprisingly, the Juniors won. Most of the Juniors were very happy and excited about winning.

The excitement in the air was extraordinary because people were stomping on the bleachers, yelling from excitement, and of course cheering for the assembly. During the assembly, there were performances from the Excaliburs, dance company, and the cheer team. When it was The Excaliburs’ turn to dance, it was very extraordinary. Getting to see everyone in the audience getting supportive and hyped up to see the performance was amazing.

When the performance was done, everyone was cheering for them. The dance company’s performance was very exciting to see too, I could feel the excitement and ecstatic in the air.  “Yes, I am excited for the Excaliburs, and no I am not worried they have been practicing very constantly. They are improving a lot, and they know what to do. It is a different hip hop dance routine, but we hope you really like it,” Mrs. Lago, the drill coach, said.

The cheer team’s routine was also very exciting to see, and everyone was very cheerful and super supportive. When the cheerleaders throw other cheerleaders into the air to finish their routine, the crowd was in awe. The air was filled with excitement and worry because of the cheerleaders’ safety, but they are safe and have practiced those intricate throws many times. When all the performances were done, everyone cheered loud and proud for the performers. The performers might have felt inspired to keep on doing what they love, dancing and performing for people. 

There were activities after the performances like “Minute to Win It”, and the “Nutella Game” which was very cool, hilarious, and funny. In the “Minute to Win It” game, a person in the middle of the room yelled an object that he or she wanted. Then, the other players had to get the item, run to the player in the middle, and the person who got there first won. Then, during the “Nutella Game,” competitors had to lick Nutella off a thick plastic material, and the person who got done first won. 

It was very funny, because some people slipped and fell, bumped into people, ran with all their might to win. The games during the assembly also brought joy and laughter. “Of course I am excited about the assembly, I am most  excited about the roll call. The SBO’s are actually taking Homecoming really well, and I am very confident about the assembly, dances, and activities,” Mrs. Brown, the SBO advisor, said before the assembly.

The homecoming assembly was truly amazing, and likely left students excited for next year’s homecoming festivities. It was truly an amazing emotion to experience during the assembly, and others likely felt the same. School spirit and Lancer Pride is one of the many things that makes Granger High School amazing.