Airport Time-Killers and Stress Relievers

AIRPORTS. No one likes waiting for hours for their flight to arrive or even take off, and I know that for a fact. This time of the year is when everyone is off and on traveling, visiting family, and having fun, and Lancers might need ideas for things to do during all that down time. There are many ideas I have tested that I am going to share with Granger’s Lancers.

One solution is one that I would recommend to everyone is Youtube. Youtube is a platform that is fitted to anyone’s taste. Music, Politics, Entertainment, Fashion, and so much more. All that is needed have to open up Youtube on your app or the internet and pick a video to watch and enjoy. Bored Lancers soon will be sucked into a hole that they will not be able to dig themselves out of.

Luckily, almost most airports have outlets either on chairs, or they have a section dedicated to charging up electronics. They often provide a long island located close to the gate so no one will miss a flight, and it is a simple way to kill time while waiting for a flight to take off, I would say was a very convenient and helpful source.

Now, I usually get anxious before a flight, an amazing way to relieve stress and anxiety is to take a walk around. Just simply get up and take a look around at all the shops, stay close to the gate if time is tight, but just walk. I took a pit-stop at one of the many convenient stores around the airport and got myself a water and snack and just relaxed.

If you a super nervous to even fly, I suggest just keep reminding yourself that this is only a tiny portion of your vacation. Focus on your destination and all the amazing things you will do once you get there. Try to divorce the thought of even being on a plane from your happy vacation thoughts. The flight will go by before you even know it, so focus on the positive things happening after the plane ride.

People watching is an amazing time waster at airports. There are so many people in an airport at one time that not seeing another person is very rare. Get to know the fellow riders from afar, take guesses on what they do for a living just by power of observation. Or even play a game of fashion police and take a look at all the different personalities and outfits on display throughout the airport.

Every airport comes with many amenities, so take a walk around the airport and see if anything catches the eye. Lancers with some extra cash can splurge on airport luxuries. Almost every airport has coffee shops, bookstores, and some even have massage and spa areas. Though a spa’s cost may be a bit out of the price range, it sure is an amazing way to relieve stress, not to mention that it feels amazing.

Although I wasn’t prepared to spend so much money, there was a lounge, for a small fee, but it offers the most amazing things to do to keep these Lancers from boredom. For example, it offered, Wi-Fi, a buffet, comfy seating, and in some higher-end lounges, they also offered showers and movies.

Hopefully, the airport is not a scary place. After being there a few times, the airport isn’t that bad for me; it’s like a home away from home. The stress will soon disappear, and the time will fly by. Relax and anticipate the destination to come.