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Basketball Boys VarsityWed, Feb 20 Hillcrest High School60-58W
Hillcrest High School60-58W
Basketball Boys VarsityFri, Feb 15 Kearns High School74-69W
Kearns High School74-69W
Basketball Boys SophFri, Feb 15 Kearns High School57-64L
Kearns High School57-64L
Basketball Boys J.V.Fri, Feb 15 Kearns High School42-74L
Kearns High School42-74L
Basketball Boys SophTue, Feb 12 Hunter High School36-54L
Hunter High School36-54L
Basketball Boys J.V.Tue, Feb 12 Hunter High School28-68L
Hunter High School28-68L
Basketball Boys VarsityTue, Feb 12 Hunter High School62-58W
Hunter High School62-58W
Basketball Girls J.V.Mon, Feb 11 Kearns High School49-40W
Kearns High School49-40W
Basketball Girls VarsityFri, Feb 08 Cyprus High School36-25W
Cyprus High School36-25W
Basketball Boys SophFri, Feb 08 Cyprus High School31-38L
Cyprus High School31-38L
Basketball Boys J.V.Fri, Feb 08 Cyprus High School31-56L
Cyprus High School31-56L
Basketball Boys VarsityFri, Feb 08 Cyprus High School71-64W
Cyprus High School71-64W
Basketball Boys SophFri, Feb 01 Hillcrest High School33-46L
Hillcrest High School33-46L
Basketball Boys J.V.Fri, Feb 01 Hillcrest High School34-51L
Hillcrest High School34-51L
Basketball Boys VarsityFri, Feb 01 Hillcrest High School63-67L
Hillcrest High School63-67L
Basketball Girls VarsityFri, Feb 01 Hillcrest High School35-43L
Hillcrest High School35-43L
Basketball Boys SophTue, Jan 29 Kearns High School31-71L
Kearns High School31-71L
Basketball Girls J.V.Tue, Jan 29 Kearns High School51-48W
Kearns High School51-48W
Basketball Boys J.V.Tue, Jan 29 Kearns High School38-49L
Kearns High School38-49L
Basketball Girls VarsityTue, Jan 29 Kearns High School64-60W
Kearns High School64-60W
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