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Phones keep kids up at night

Katherynne Jaco

March 3, 2017

Filed under Student Life

IT’S EASY to wonder what other students at Granger stay up doing on their phones. Well, Mr. Jackson, a Granger administrator, thinks that parents should encourage their kids to get some sleep. “Parents allow kids to make their...

Former gangster explains reasons for joining and leaving gangs

Lupita Hernandez, Journalist

March 3, 2017

Filed under Student Life

HERE AT Granger High, there is a significant number of gangs. It makes the employees who work here very concerned about Lancers’ safety. This issue does not only make administrators enforce a dress code policy, but it also alerts...

G-Cards for G-Gear is a Great Deal

Ramon Martinez III, Journalist

February 7, 2017

Filed under Student Life

G-CARDS are the currency at Granger High and with these, students and teachers can buy food, drinks, G-gear, and for a short time students paid off fines. During accreditation, teachers were told to pass out G-cards at the beginning...

Granger Lancers participate in politics

Dailyn Brinas, reporter

November 15, 2016

Filed under Student Life

  POLITICS is a worldwide phenomenon that has recently been a strong topic of interest among adolescents. The current elections have conjured much debate within the media, leading to a range of opinions in high school and ...

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