Tri-Color Times

Comic Con

Eric A. Antonio, Journalist

October 6, 2017

ON SEPTEMBER 21, Salt Lake Comic Con opened their doors to approximately 180,000 people from Utah and out of the state, ac- cording to the saltlakecomiccon. com website. Salt lake Comic Con included special events such as Cosplay ...

New Death Note movie disappoints

Allen Carrillo, Journalist

October 6, 2017

THE NEW Death Note movie based on the anime that pre- miered on Net ix this year was an utter disappointment to many of us weebs. How? Start off with the actors. Nat Wolff was chosen for the main role of Light “Turn...

Three Dark Crowns

Taea Edwards, Journalist

October 6, 2017

“THREE dark sisters, All fair to be seen, Two to devour, And one to be Queen.” Three Dark Crowns is an amazingly written book by the astounding Kendare Blake. If you love YA books as much as I do, I highly rec...

Shuddersome adapts Poe’s tales and terrifies audience

Daryl Midgely, Journalist

March 3, 2017

AS MOST of us know, putting on a play is not easy. Pulling off a play with few to no flaws is even harder. But when actors have as much talent as the students in advanced theatre have, they make it look so easy. In overall succession,...

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