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September 4, 2018

One last night before seniors take flight

Skye Rouse, Editor

May 4, 2018

SENIOR Ball isn’t just a dance, it is a night were the graduating class comes together for one last time before graduation. It is a night for seniors to relax and reflect on their high school lives that are now coming to an...

Performance-based grading is taking over Granger High

Hayley Rigby, Editor

May 4, 2018

AT GRANGER, the teachers and district are trying to implement a new way of grading called performance based grading. With this, it makes it so that the students actually have to learn something and pass each one of the tests ...

Now it’s time for these teachers to kick back

Gabriela Thompson, Editor

May 4, 2018

THERE comes a point in one's life when it is time to move on to greater things in life, whether it is relaxing at home or spending time with their loved ones. This want for something more has been infiltrating some of Granger’...

Is school the right place for activism

Bryon Brinley, Editor

April 5, 2018

IT SEEMS that student activism is currently at a high point here in America. With the recent events at Parkland, students are now rising up to see a change. While the Parkland students are ruling the news, there is plenty of st...

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