TikTok changed the path of social media

TikTok changed the path of social media

Whitnie Larsen, Reporter

TIKTOK has taken the internet by storm, and millions around the globe have downloaded the app which became popular in early 2019. TikTok is known by almost every teen that has a cellphone. Instagram, Snapchat, and even Twitter have helped spread around TikToks. Many people say that people use the app to creatively express themselves. I agree with this statement, as the videos on the app are funny and relatable.

There are people known around TikTok with the hype. These creators blew up over night and gained thousands, maybe even millions, of followers. Right now the hype is @charlidamelio or Charli D’amelio. Charli is a 15 year old girl with over 21.1 million followers on the app. However, the hype does not come with all love. Charli has received extreme hate and backlash from others. She is rumored to date the previous hype holder, Chase Hudson. 

Another TikTok trend that has appeared on almost everyone’s “for you”  page is Lego Star Wars profile pictures. It’s funny and playful. Many users on the app have changed their profile picture to a character from Lego Star Wars, or some have even made their own profile pictures. I am one of these profile users, as I think it’s quite fun and just playful all around. Many celebrities have joined this trend, changing their profiles to a version of themselves Lego-fied.

A trend that has been around for a while, including on other social media platforms, is meme culture. Meme culture is something relatable, funny, and easy to join. Many TikTokers have used meme culture in their videos and it makes the user want to watch more because they want to see more of the relatable content. In my opinion, meme culture is going to be around for a while and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Some influencers use it as a follower-grab which is abusing the trend entirely. 

Transitions are huge on TikTok, and they are always popping up on my “for you” page. The first person that grew popular from these transitions is the user @caleb.finn. Caleb had the known hype for a while but slowly died off the app, not really gaining as much attention as he used to. He still creates content but he doesn’t receive the amount of likes he used to.

Another user that is quickly reaching one million followers that uses transitions is @heir.of.atticus, otherwise known as Gauge. Gauge has been on the app for about half a year now. Gauge is one of my favorite TikTokers at the moment because he knows what his fans like. He goes live and posts daily, which keeps his fans engaged with his content. If there’s a right way to use TikTok, he’s doing it by far. 

Benji Krol and Jeyjey Gardi are one of the couples that TikTok had created. They’ve been together for six months since the app since started shipping them together. They had met up about 2-3 months into the relationship and have created Tiktoks and YouTube videos together. When watching, you can definitely feel the connection that the two have with each other. 

It’s an amazing thing that TikTok has created for many people, careers especially. I am personally addicted to TikTok. My screen time has been changed drastically because of the app. I use the app almost every single day as the content never gets old for me, I always catch myself watching these trends as they’re catchy. TikTok has changed the path of social media and I am excited to see what happens in the future.