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Video game actions can ruin friendships


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IF YOU are a gamer, then you understand the rage you feel in some multiplayer games. Sometimes when playing it just for fun, it gets competitive and turns into something ugly. This is especially true when a friend does something that ruins everything. They could do this by bringing an enemy to the group and everybody dies or playing a free for all game and they mess you up.

The main game that really ruins friendships are any of the Mario Kart Games. Lets just say going from 1st place to last place because someone threw a blue shell or any of the shells in the games is pretty enraging. What makes people more mad is when one person keeps going after them only and not the other racers, and they to make sure that you don’t win just to make you mad for no reason. I want to play it, but not for competitive reasons- just to try it out.

The next gaming series is Mario Party, because if you choose free-for-all, it’s everyone versus everyone. The only time when you work together is when it comes to the minigames, where it could be 2v2 or 3v1. The games can be fun as long as no one takes it too seriously, because it is just a game to play with people for fun. In recent days, I played Mario Party 7 with my friends and it was fun playing with them because none of us took it seriously.

Another popular game is Super Smash Bros because it is a fighting game and it is a free-for-all game. The game can make people rage because there could be the friend that never loses no matter what character he chooses or the map they are playing on. Then there is the friend that only goes after you, especially when he gets a item that falls on the stage. Then you also have the friend that just spams Falcon Punch with Captain Falcon- I hate that person.

Fortnite is a new and upcoming game that is taking the world by storm. This can ruin friendships when your teammate leaves you to deal with others or doesn’t revive you just to get your loot. One video I saw on Facebook was of friends playing squads and one of them left them because he had a scar to go face another team while his teammates were already fighting one group.

Another game I can think of is the game mode in Call of Duty and that is Zombies. When you’re doing well fighting off the zombies and you go down and your teammates decide to play around and start reviving you right as you’re about to die is pretty frustrating. It’s enraging because you die and have to wait until next round to come back. Some people don’t have the luck to get the same guns they had before they went down, especially if they had the ray gun.

Another one that I found was Mortal Kombat, another fighting game where you can get that friend that is insanely good for some weird reason. Then you also have the friend that just spams the same move over and over again. So basically any fighting game can probably ruin a friendship. Try not make the game super competitive with one another.

Any sports game can ruin friendships, too, because you have the friends that don’t go easy on you when it’s your first time playing. You may get mad because you thought you were good, but then your friend destroys you in the game. Some people get really hurt when this happens. They thought they were the best in the game before their friend showed up.

Duo games like Guitar Hero also get people mad. You practice and practice in the game to get perfect scores. Then you decide to play with a friend that decides to play around and mess up the score by playing wrong. Or you have the friend who says he’s good, but he sucks really bad and messes up every time.

Something I found was that the Wii system itself can ruin friendships. When you’re playing a game that needs you to move the remote towards the T.V. because of the sensor is close to the T.V., it can cause some problems. If you don’t have the wristband on it can fly and hit someone or something. Lets just say maybe hitting your friend or their T.V. probably won’t end well.

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Video game actions can ruin friendships