Fortnite new map update has problems that occurred on initial release


THE NEW Fortnite map update was good for the first few hours. Then after a while, everybody started to experience some lag. Video game players do not like lag, though, because it ruins the fun of any game they play. I for sure did not like it when it started happening, because I was close to eliminating the other guy when it lagged me in front of him.

My friends had it a little worse, because they were running on a mountain and it lagged them into falling off and dropping them. Later, they took the time to actually do some server maintenance to fix the problems. After the server maintenance, there was an update. The update was pretty small so players could download it fast and play. Even though they updated it, they are still fixing some of the problems.

There are still some minor problems that are happening in the game, because it is still the beta version and won’t be finished until later on this year. When the game is finished, it will be free. So everybody that bought the in-game pass for the Save the World Campaign just wasted money to get early access instead of waiting.

After awhile, they came out with a new mode called “Sniper Shootout” which just includes snipers and revolvers.

Even though it is a limited time event, it is a pretty cool one. I like the mode, but I don’t like how others have better accuracy than me when we get in a battle. For example, we both start jumping to avoid the bullets.

After awhile, their bullets start to hit me and mine just keep missing. What they also changed was the friendly fire by turning it off, because too many people shot their teammates for fun or eliminate them for their loot.

I am glad they took this off, because I didn’t like when my group would shoot me for the loot. Some other things they took off left me annoyed. For example, they took off the ability to aim and shoot the enemy without getting out of bush. After the update, you need to move to aim on the enemy and get a perfect shot.

They even took out the ability to hide in the supply drop when it falls down on you. Even further down the line, they are making a new gun that looks like a minigun and should have come out on the 1st of February. That is going to be a powerful gun, because no matter how much they lower the stats, it is going to shoot a lot of bullets. Before they came out with that, they came out with a chug jug.

This refills your health and shield to full stats. Unless someone snipes you, that is really useful to have. When people use snipers, all your health and shields take a lot of damage. The campfire is just annoying, because it runs out even before everybody can heal up all the way. Some of the traps they also have are ridiculous because they sometimes lag to kill the people.

There was also a rumor about a new sniper that was coming to the game that had a suppressor. I didn’t like this idea, as it is already hard enough to find someone with a sniper that is shooting you. Even though there was this rumor, the gun never came out and the people that made Fortnite announced the gun. I’m pretty happy that it never got released in the game.

I am also pretty sad that the release didn’t come out on the date it was supposed to, because there were some glitches with the buildings. I think when the update will release, I will be happy if I get the minigun. But if someone else gets it, well, it may be bad for bases and people on the opposite team.

I hope they keep fixing all of the glitches the game keeps on having when you’re playing online. When they actually finish the game, and it will be free to play the campaign and the Battle Royal will no longer have any glitches.