NBA All-Star Week is a drama event

THE 2018 NBA All Star Weekend will be on February 16-18 in Los Angeles. Fans love this event because it includes the Rising Star Challenge, All-Star Celebrity Game, NBA G League All-Star festivities, Hall of Fame Announcement, Skills Challenge, Three-Point Contest and the Slam Dunk Contest.

The All Star Game is something that the fans really enjoy watching, because there is nothing serious in it. The players have fun playing shooting around from places that they wouldn’t do in a real game. This will be the 67th All Star Game to happen in the NBA, and the starters for both teams will be chosen by the captains after All Star voting.

Captains are new to the system because they are trying to change the All Star Game format. I really don’t see the point in a captain, because it seems more for like elementary schools to play a quick game. Everything is literally the same with the voting by the fans to get their favorite player in it, but the captains choose who are the starters and the reserves.

To figure out who will be the captain for both sides will be the players with the most votes. I already don’t like the fact that there are going to be captains even though they are still choosing the stars that were voted either way. They’re not even going to televise who is in and who is not in it. I don’t understand why they say they are going change the format and have captains then try to keep it secret.

It seems like their point was not to have unnecessary drama when the captains choose who they want. That is literally the point of having captains, though—they are trying to choose the best player to win the game. Lebron has a high chance of being captain, so if he becomes ones there are some players he is likely considering.

Kevin Love is in the All Star voting, so Lebron has a tough choice of whether to take him or not. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant have the same problem. This is why I say that captains are more for elementary schools because kids will choose their friends over the game. When I play basketball at school or home, we zig-zag after someone makes a shot. That way it’s more fair.

Having captains can save time, but if you choose the game over friends problems can occur. Some players like the idea of captains. The All Star Game has nothing to with regular games with wins and losses, though, because it doesn’t matter. This year the teams will playing for money to go to their favorite charity, but many players devote a lot to their charities already.

So many players are not going to full-on play. They just want to have fun and play with other players. Making a game that was meant for fun to be serious really doesn’t make players feel like playing very well. I know that if I were told to play a game that was meant just for fun like Horse, I wouldn’t play with much energy.