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Ninth graders experience high school

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Ninth graders experience high school


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ATTENDING a new school can be hard sometimes. Things like having new teachers, making new friends and not knowing where the classrooms are can make the first part of the school year very hard. Ninth graders are the number one class who experiences this a lot. Freshmen were used to the procedures of junior high and the size of it. They also understood how the teachers would react with their schoolwork.

High school comes with a lot of homework and hard work, and the clever students have learned how to organize all of their school work and have managed to get all of it done. Other students, though, haven’t really been able to handle the stress and have stopped trying. It is ultimately up to the student to decide how they’ll handle it.

One strategy that many ninth graders are still using is carrying around a binder. Many stop using binders once they start attending high school while others still use them to keep all of their work organized. “I have used binders since junior high, they have helped me keep all my school work organized,” Giselle Perez (9) said.

In its first years as a 9-12 school, Granger High gave a binder to every student.

Monze Rodriguez (9) has enjoyed attending Granger this year, “My experience at Granger has been really good so far, I am doing good in my classes, thanks to my teachers,” Rodriguez said. She recently moved from California this year and has been trying to get used to the change.

“I have really liked being at Granger this year. Especially for my English class, which has always been my favorite,” Fernando Alatorre (9) said.

Many students have not found high school to be a big challenge, and they even think that it is actually easy. “The homework is not as bad as I thought it would be,” Kimberlynn Ramirez (9) said. “My teachers have been really nice to me and they show me that they care about my grade.”

Ramirez has also used binders as a way to stay organized and keep her life stress-free. “Binders have really helped me throughout the year,” she said. She has enjoyed attending Granger because of how welcoming the other students are. “Everyone is really nice,” Ramirez said.

Other Lancers have not really had the best experience this year, though.

“Something that has annoyed me this year is that some teachers have lost my papers for their class and have made me re-do them…it has really made this year harder for me,” Perez said.

Teachers have played a big role in ninth graders’ first high school year. “My favorite teacher this year would have to be Mr. Mundt because he’s understanding and he’s so chill,” Maria Rendon (9) said. She has Mr. Mundt for her Skills for Life class.

Some Lancers have created strategies to get themselves to do their schoolwork, “I let myself play video games only after I finish my schoolwork. It has really helped me at the times when I feel lazy, and I don’t want to do my schoolwork,” Mo Hamdan (9) said.

Most freshmen believe that this year has been really good. Granger students and teachers should work together to keep Granger a welcoming school for everyone.


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Ninth graders experience high school