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Mi Caramelo satisfies hunger for tacos


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TACOS Mi Caramelo was a great place I visited not that long ago. The tacos were small, but they had this flavor that made me feel at home when I took the first bite. The order comes with the two small tortillas, choice of meat, cilantro, guacamole, chile verde (green), chile rojo (red), and onions.

The first time I went, I could not enjoy the meal because I had to go to work in an hour. The second time I went, though, I could actually enjoy my meal because it was my day off.

I sat down eating the four tacos I ordered with everything on top of them. The place has one unique thing that I like: you can order your food however you want it. They then give your food to you and you pay for it and any drinks you want at the cash register, rather than ordering and then waiting for the food to be ready.

I like this system because I can eat once I finish paying instead of waiting and seeing other people get their food way before I do.

What I enjoy the most is the different choices of meat that one can choose from the menu. They have al pastor (marinated beef or pork), asada (steak), suadero (bottom sirloin), cabeza (head), lengua (tongue), cachete (cheek), ojo (eyes), maciza (pork meat), surtida (mix head meats), and tripa (intestines).

After a while, they changed the prices for the tacos to $2. I think the tacos were $1.50 before the change happened.

What is also cool is the fact that half of the restaurant is a place where you can buy candy, chips, elotes (corn), raspados (shaved ice), esquites (corn in cup), ice cream, drinks, and other snacks. They also have the same options as the ice cream trunks that go around in neighborhoods.

I also like the fact that I can see them really clearly making my food in front of me.Them making it right in front me gives me the feeling of trusting them more than any other place I would go to. When going to fast food restaurants, you can barely see them making your food. If you annoy them, they can find a hiding spot to do something to your food.

At Tacos Mi Caramelo, there is no hiding spot for them to do something wrong with the food.

The downside of the place it has pretty bad parking. I suggest not taking a big car, as you will have trouble trying to find a spot big enough to fit your car. When you also take a big car it is hard to reverse out of the parking spot because if you reverse too fast you can hit the car that is right behind you.

If you also turn too early you hit the car right beside you because the parking spots are close together. Another thing is that when it gets too busy, they get kind of disorganized for a little bit before getting used to the rush. Those are the only two things that I can find that are pretty bad about it. Everything else is ok about Mi Caramelo.


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Mi Caramelo satisfies hunger for tacos