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Three Dark Crowns


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“THREE dark sisters, All fair to be seen, Two to devour,
And one to be Queen.”

Three Dark Crowns is an amazingly written book by the astounding Kendare Blake. If you love YA books as much as I do, I highly recommend boosting this up on your book list.

Triplets: Arsinoe the naturalist, Katharine the poisoner, and Mira- bella the elementalist—this book follows all three of them through their journeys, starting from their 16th birthday to Beltane.

“I want revenge.” She whis- pers, and her ngers trail bloody streaks down Natalia’s arms.

“And then I want my crown.”

This book is very enthralling, to start. Kendare Blake has spun an amazing story through an out- standing plot and characters. It always had me looking forward, questioning and thinking, what was to happen next? What could this mean? Why bring this up now?

So much happens throughout this book, it had me stuck from the beginning. The foreshadow- ing is beautiful as well, and hav- ing read it twice, the second time through makes it much easier to point all of these little hints out. Foreshadowing is such an amaz- ing tool to use for writing, and it really makes you think on it a second time through, and it’s one

of my favorite things about this book.

Back to when I was reading the rst time through, the emo- tions that surged through me were just endless, betrayal, love, heart- break, hate, passion. It was all there, and I was not disappointed with how this book gripped me.

“Her whole life they have thought her a failure, yet at the rst hint of hope, they move to follow her, as if it is what they wanted all along. Perhaps it was,”

One of the only things that had me at a loss was her naming of events throughout the book. There is Beltane, the ascension year, the quickening ceremony, all of these things and more got a bit confusing, and you don’t even really nd out what each of them are until 156 pages in. That aspect have been written better, same with the way the island works. Along with this slight confusion, I did notice that some of her de- scriptions were a little weak, but she had some amazing ones, too. And I loved her dialogue.

I was absolutely in love with the characters she created. Mira- bella and her power, but her un- fortunate and undying love. Kath- arine and her hidden charm, but her lack of strength. Arsinoe and her re, but her lost power. All of these characters woven together throughout the story despite be- ing ripped apart. And those are only the main three triplets.

The loyal characters, like Eliz- abeth and Bree, who both have their devout loyalty to their el- ementalist queen—same as Jules to Arsinoe and Pietyr to Katha- rine. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t all what they seem, but they would all do anything for their queens.

You also have the characters such as Madrigal, Luca, Natalia, and the other, smaller charac- ters. Even though I loved read- ing about their theories and low magic, some of them just got me so heated, which is another thing Blake de nitely didn’t hold back on.

One of the big things I found interesting was the use of the Goddess. Princesses stem from her, which made them not en- tirely human, not real people. The island breathes with her, and in certain places like the Breccia Domain, the triplets can feel the pulse in their bones. I really liked the different views of the God- dess from each different person, it really showed the fact that not everyone believes the same, even Arsinoe, one who stems directly from the Goddess, sees her as an evil thing.

“I do not want her to hesitate. I want her to push me and push me until I hate her.”

Overall, this story is one of my favorites. And the timing is per- fect, as the second book was re- leased on September 19.

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Three Dark Crowns