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Trump ends DACA, forces congress to act


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THE NEWS came that President Trump ended DACA, but he had delayed the action for six months. The reason he delayed the action was because he is giving Con- gress a chance to save DACA. He believes that President Obama created the program through in- appropriate use of executive au- thority. Trump wants Congress to act instead of standing by or being told what to do.

He wanted it to wind down instead of having the court just end then and there. He wanted compassion for it, but also stand to his “America First” agenda. While doing it with compassion he wants it to be through lawful democratic processes by having immigration reform that bene ts all the American citizens he was elected to serve.

He also wants compassion for the forgotten, unemployed and struggling Americans. He knows how much it will affect every- one, but says that it will be the right choice in the long run. Even though they ended it, they are still renewing any permits that some- one has that expires in the next six months.

He’s letting Congress have time to act on it before people who are currently protected lose their ability to have a job and be- ing able to not live in fear from be- ing deported from the U.S. Those who are in school or in College will not be able to nish when it is permanently gone. Trump’s ad- ministration thought that this was the least disruptive move because they were threatened by attorneys general to take it to court.

U.S. attorney general Jeff Ses- sions said the program would not make it through the challenge of court. He says that there is noth- ing wrong with enforcing the im- migration laws because it can pro- tect communities and taxpayers, prevent human suffering and save lives. Having failed to enforce the laws resulted in violence, risk of crime and even terrorism as stated by CNN.

While supporters agree with Trump’s decision, Pope Francis didn’t like the fact that he re- moved it because he said that it is not “pro-life.” Pro-life usually means opposing abortion and eu- thanasia. While speaking to re- porters he hopes that the decision is re-thought somehow. He also said the decision has young peo- ple feeling like there is no hope at all.

He stated that President Trump is a person who likes pro-life, so to be a good pro-lifer is to realize that family is the cradle of life and defending its unity is important. This isn’t the rst time the Pope questioned Trump’s Christianity. The rst time being when Trump said he will build a better wall for the US-Mexican border.

Then Trump responded that questioning someone’s faith is disgraceful. Later their dispute they had was water under the bridge when Trump went to visit him in May as part of the for- eign trip as stated by Fox News. With all this happening a girl at the Kentucky College was being bullied by some classmates. Her name is Paola Garcia and she so far was not helped by the school.

The classmate that started it, Taylor Ragg, by saying, “Every- one go report this illegal at my school bragging about breaking the law.” After all that Paola said that she received numerous hate- ful comments from strangers as stated by website.

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Trump ends DACA, forces congress to act