The New Year of 2017: 12 New Chapter, 365 New Chances


AS EVERYONE knows, with the new year comes the ‘new me’ attitude. Most people make resolutions promising to fulfill them. However, those resolutions fly out the window within a week to a month.

Nevertheless, some of the promises that are made at the stroke of midnight, subconsciously, are meant to be accomplished. Some for instance involve relationships with friends and partners.

When asking Granger students what the new year could bring with relationships, many had similar thoughts on the traits of it. Some of those traits involve: communication, honesty/ trust, time, and comfortability. Unsurprisingly, communication was the deal-breaker that came up.

Ever since grade school, the golden rule was embedded into anyone’s brain: treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s also a component of any relationship involving honesty and communication. “Have a balance, it’s OK to bicker, but if you’re full on fighting and bickering just to win the fight, it isn’t love. Find a person that makes you laugh and can accept your imperfections,” Megan Fonseca (11) said.

Most give the simple advice, don’t hang out with a person you don’t like or who doesn’t connect with you. Yet, it isn’t as simple as it seems. A relationship is like a road, as one goes down it there will be some obstacles that anyone will have to overcome to reap the benefits. One of the benefits is the trust that you give in anyone to have your back. Without trust in a relationship, it can go wrong in an instant.

“Good communication is one, they have to be upfront with you, but don’t cross the line with them. Trust: there is no relationship without it, and it can make you feel that you’re not worthy or deserve to know about things,” Shiwani Raj (11) said.

Time, another factor in any relationship, is the next common trait. Whether it involves getting to know them better or trying to forgive someone, time is sometimes the only thing to do. “With the new year coming up, you should forget the past, because you can’t hold a grudge for long. It’s the past and you can’t change it, so move forward,” Shiwani said.

Another student believes that when finding that significant other or friend it shouldn’t be a hasty decision. “Let time take its place, you don’t want to be desperate. Find someone who suits you, let time come in” Jose Perez (9) said.

As any good friend might explain, “Only time will tell.” And with time comes comfortability. No successful relationship has ever reached that level, unless you’re comfortable with that person. Especially when teens are new to society or experiencing the harshness of the world, they at least need someone to lean on in a time of distress.

“You shouldn’t be chasing someone who doesn’t notice you or doesn’t want to be with you. You shouldn’t waste your time on it. If you’re going to be in a relationship, find someone as crazy as you. Someone you can really be yourself with,” Kevin Moreno (9) said.

With just a few days into the marvelous year of 2017, a whole new chapter has begun. Go out there and talk to that person that is slightly isolated, or do something that you’ve never done before. Just remember that while making once in a lifetime moment, have that one friend or partner that will make it memorable. Granted, time will change everything, but former friends and lovers and current crushes will change your life no matter the event.