IT CAN be very difficult for students to find out about scholarships or ways to get a scholarship, but one way to make it easier is to get a head start. Freshmen should pay attention to grades and after-school activities in order to prepare for scholarship application requirements and essays.

“I haven’t applied for any scholarships, but I would really want to apply for one. I want to apply for a scholarship as soon as possible. So far in school I been getting good grades like A’s and some B’s. I’m trying really hard to get good grades to get a scholarship for my college.  I choose to get good grades to make my parents really happy about me,” Jessica Arellano (9) said.

Grades are an important part of scholarship readiness, and as a ninth grader, Arellano is smart to keep her GPA high from the start. A few F’s freshman year can make it hard to qualify for scholarships as a senior.

“Scholarships are really hard to find but I’m trying to see what kind of scholarship do I want. My favorite subject in school is biology because I feel like I learn a lot in that class, and it’s super easy. Another scholarship that I’ve been thinking of is a defense lawyer scholarship. School can be hard, but you’ll see that it’s not that difficult if you try,” Arellano said.

It is a great idea to find a scholarship early. Getting good grades and doing your work can get you on the scholarship track. Looking up scholarships early is a great idea, so check the career center and talk to the college adviser. That way, after school is finished, there’s a scholarship that can pay for most of college. Try to find a scholarship that can pay for all tuition.

I’d like to get a scholarship so I won’t have to pay for everything for my college. I’m getting good grades to show my parents that I can do it. I would like to apply for a scholarship at a school in Denver. I keep my grades up by writing down my homework assignments and checking them off. My favorite class is English because I think that class is really fun and I learn a lot. I would like to be a children’s doctor. I have been looking for scholarships, but so far none have been interesting to me,” Serena Cano (9) said.