Mr. Schmeling motivates his students to succeed


EACH YEAR, teachers have a high bar set for them to meet their own goals and also teach their students in a new way that will be fun. Many teachers keep the same teaching way year after year, and it is very boring for the students. However, some teachers like the challenge and it keeps them organized.

Students tend to favor those teachers that make learning more enjoyable. It makes students actually want to come to class and just be in that type of environment. From personal experience, having at least one favorite teacher makes dealing with those not-so-great teachers easier.

The number one teacher that I shadowed for the day was Mr. Schmeling, and I picked his classes which are Freshman Academy and AVID, because he is a very constructive teacher. From day one, he has made his students his number one priority. Even when Schmeling is having an off day, he puts his differences aside and helps any student who needs him.

Schmeling has changed his teaching ways each year to improve the learning of his students. “I typically have Mondays and Tuesdays set for students, and I call them back and talk about their grades,” Schmeling said. He gets on students for their grades each week. The beginning of each week starts with a reality check on grades.

I have noticed that he is easy on them, but also has a tone of influence over them. The amount he pushes them is marvelous. Every time he says something to his students it is always motivational. Most of his students have a game plan set up, and he makes sure they stick to it, and if they don’t, they figure out a new plan together.

“The way I see it for the students, the habits they set now affect how they will be successful in their future,” Schmeling said. His main focus is to make sure that he can make school more welcoming and more lively for everyone.

When Schmeling talks about the real world he is realistic and honest. He does not beat around the bush, because he sees no point in lying about the real world. He is the number one teacher that will be beyond honest.

“I love having one-on-ones with my students, because it helps them talk to me and be themselves so I can get a better understanding of who they are as individuals,” Schmeling said.  The most important thing for a student is to find that one teacher that really does believe in his or her potential.