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Lancers Show Support for Golf


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MOST LANCERS do not really think much of golf. When it comes to supporting golf, people do not find it as important as the football or basketball games.  Here at Granger, however, this does not seem to be the case. Granger high students and faculty feel golf is well supported considering the type of sport it is.

“I feel golf is very supported but just needs to be more promoted,” said Bran Hester (11). Hester feels that the school should announce the tournaments like they do for football. “Announce it like you do for other sports and Lancers will come support,” said Hester.

He feels that because the sport is less popular it is less important when it comes to the promotion of the sport. Hester feels small things like announcing a golf tournament a few days before it happens on GTV is a great way to get more support.

When it comes to the support of golf, Dr. Dunn is a big supporter. He not only plays golf himself but his son plays golf at his high school. When it comes to the support of golf Dunn believes golf does not need the supervision that other sports need. “There is a different etiquette when it comes to golf,” said Dunn. Dunn says when it comes to football, fans are expected to cheer but when it comes to golf on-lookers are asked to be more quiet so the players can concentrate.

Dunn also said that the reason the golf team only consists of six players in because golf has higher expense. “You can’t just go to a field and play golf like you can other sports. You have to go and pay to get into a golf course. Plus, you need more than a ball you need the different clubs to play the game properly,” said Dunn.

To anyone who believe the school does not do enough for the players during the interview Dunn called a member from the United Junior Golf Association to set up a special clinic with the boys. The clinic is still being worked out as of time and date but he can’t wait to see it happen for the golfers.

When it comes to the support of golf Lamona Chheng (12) feels that the school is doing enough. “Golf isn’t a sport that draws a big crowd and it never has been,” said Chheng. She feels that people expect it to draw a crowd like in the movie Happy Gilmore, but in real life she feels it is not that way. “It’s not an interesting sport that people fall in love watching. It’s a sport you play to love,” says Chheng. Overall, Chheng feels the school is doing great to the support of golf.

“The administration is the team’s biggest supporter,” said Coach Crowther. Crowther says the administration have done a lot to encourage the boys. He feels like Dr. Dunn has a lot of interest especially since he is a golfer himself.

He says that coaching golf can be difficult considering every kid he has is new to golf. “I’ve been coaching for five years and only twice did a kid come to me who had previous experience,” said Crowther. He believes most kids do not golf because of the cost that golf has.

He does, however, want the school to know he is still looking for more golfers and that experience is not needed but the thanks Granger for the support it has given him and his boys.

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Lancers Show Support for Golf