Remember the Teachers  


SENIORS, juniors, and sophomores, remember those good old days when the first day of school began. First day with new teachers, new faces, and a new school. Pupils should still consider visiting back to previous teachers, that have helped and encouraged success along the way.

“It’s my job, that I’m someone to come back and talk to,” Mr. Schmeling said. Mr. Schmeling teaches Success 101, which is a class that is required to be taken by all freshman students. Mr. Schmeling helps students discover who they are, find career paths, explore lifestyles after high school, and improve grades.

Some come back asking for advice, some just visit to just have a short conversation. “I’ve had a lot of kids who have made mistakes and bad choices come back and say thanks,” Mr. Schmeling said. Juniors and sophomores are the most likely to return to visit.

Seniors in their the final year of high school are about to leave and start a new chapter in life. Teachers are willing to help with life after high school. Mr. Mundt is available after school to help students recover credits. Faculty members are eager to help in any way to ensure that Lancers will graduate on time and be able to walk across the stage. Since this is their last year, they should consider thanking teachers that have been a big influence.

Juniors are close to being the “big dogs” in Granger. Before this big transition, they should talk to trusted teachers to see if there is any way to improve senior year. Advisors are willing to help with any assignments for classes required to graduate. Lancers should be aware of any missing credits before beginning senior year.

Sophomores know what’s expected in high school, and they should take steps now to guarantee access to needed classes later. Faculty will be willing to help with picking classes to make high school a successful experience; faculty can also help with any struggles that sophomores may face.

Freshman are going through the biggest transition right now as they’re newbies to the high school world, and they’ll probably need the most help. Staff are willing to help with any questions they have about this big transition in life. That’s why they must take Success 101, and that’s why they bond so strongly with teachers in the Freshman Academy.

To any student that is needs help, teachers and counselors are willing to help with anything. If after-school meetings are inconvenient, the staff is available throughout the day for quick conversations. Remember that teachers are accessible through Canvas as well as through email.